In Memory of Carolyn M. Mazzara

7/19/15 - 5/13/21

CarolynMazzara-1.jpgSadly, my mother, Carolyn M. Mazzara, passed away on 5/13/21. She passed peacefully, at home, surrounded by all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Carolyn started this insurance agency, as Carolyn Mazzara Agency, back in 1985. I’m lucky to have had her as a mother, business mentor, and business partner. She taught me many valuable lessons, for which I am forever grateful.

We worked side by side for over 20 years. I know that my mother valued each and every one of you. She didn’t care if you were a single policy holder or a very large client with multiple policies. Everyone was important to her, and, as such, she tried to treat everyone equally. She cared about you and making sure that she took good care of you. She took great pride in insuring your children. Some of you have been with us for so long that we are now insuring your grandchildren. My mother was very proud of your trust in her.

My mother LOVED building relationships with you. I would marvel at how genuinely interested she was in your lives and your accomplishments, the births of your children and grandchildren. She was happy for you when you bought your first houses or started a business. She enjoyed watching life happen for all of you. She loved to follow you all on social media too. You were all very important to her.

I’m thankful that my mother built a successful insurance agency and taught me the ropes. Although she will be missed, I am grateful to have had her for so long. I am thankful for the foundation she laid. And I look forward to carrying on her legacy. RIP mom. #theboss

Michael C. Mazzara